What You Need to Know to Transform Your Business in the Changing World

Aga Bajer
3 min readApr 7, 2020


Yesterday I had a call with Amanda, the amazing editor of my new book.

We compared notes on our lives in Vancouver and Milan (turns out they are not that different, given the COVID-19 restrictions) and then got down to business.

At one point in our conversation, Amanda asked me the inevitable question:

“What are your thoughts on speaking to the readers living in the post-COVID-19 world?”

My book will not be out until 2021, and so her question shouldn’t have caught me so completely off guard.

And yet, it did. Because - honestly:

How do you make predictions about the world after something so big and so disruptive?

My first reaction was to think — “I’m not a futurist, an economist, or an epidemiologist…”


Which was immediately followed by my usual default as a writer — I need to do some research on this!

But Amanda’s silence forced me to sit with the question for a while. And eventually, I was forced to seek for an answer without the crutch of “expert opinions,” science and data.

Sitting with that question helped me realize that while I can’t predict the specifics of the economic and socio-political impact of what we are going through right now, I do know one thing for sure — we will live in a completely different world.

Amanda’s question and how she handled our interaction gave me three important insights that are highly relevant to the current challenges we are all facing:

  1. Asking powerful questions and then holding the space for others to explore them is the most transformational and generous gift we can give people right now. Sure, sitting with others in silence, letting them process and tap into their inner resources can be unnerving. But it’s hugely empowering for the recipient. And feeling more powerful and…



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